Open studio and new work

Green wall phone

Candle stick phone  Yellow wall phone

Last weekend was Bow Arts Open Studio event, I’ve a studio at the back of Bow Road studios.

I had very positive feedback from the, roughly, 150 people who came through my studio, as well as selling prints and cards straight off the event.

As a result I’m going to be offering some these for sale through this site.

Above are some of the new work that was on show. I’ve been creating nostalgic renderings of old rotary dial phones this year. These solid old phones were always far more satisfying to hang up with after a heated conversation than modern touch screens.

I used the newest edition of ArtRage and a little bit of Photoshop (CC) in creating these images as well as my trusty sketch book. I’m currently loving the Oil brushes in ArtRage and Photoshops updated liquify filters to push line work around with.

Thanks is owed to the Bow Arts staff and volunteers as well as fellow artists for making the event a good one.

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