New web site

Coastal in progress

This work in progress is an example of a personal project I’m currently working and also something to illustrate the start new blog for my new website.

Coastal is one of a number of science fiction inspired paintings I’ve been working on over the last year.

WordPress and web development

I’ve built this site using to manage the content and a modified version of the Portfoliopress theme to get it looking and working the way I wanted. I’m developing my own completely customised WordPress theme but to get the sight running I opted for a WordPresses free community theme’s.

Not perhaps something you might normally expect of an illustrator but since I’ve been working with the web for decades it was only natural to want to build it myself.

Using WordPress as the underlying platform means that it’s easy to amend or add any or all of the content without touching a single piece of code from anywhere I can get a mobile broadband connection.

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